Charlie Loves Her New Doll That Has A Birthmark, Just Like Hers

Date December 19, 2017 17:50

Every day, millions of babies are born all over the world. Each and every one of them is special. Some, however, are born with defects, but this does not make them any less special than the rest. Today, we share the story of this charming little girl named Charlie.

Charlie was born with a congenital condition (infantile hemangioma). It left her with a facial defect that has become a signature of sorts for this adorable child.

Charlie is seen in the photo below with her baby brother with matching pajamas.

Up until recently, Charlie had no idea that she was a bit different from her peers. Although her mom, blogger Katie Crenshaw, does not shy away from acknowledging the reality that Charlie is different, she is passionate about her daughter. Katie is also an advocate for children suffering from this condition.

This holiday, Katie decided to give Charlie a special Christmas present. She had reached out to a doll maker whose specialty is creating heirloom dolls. But what she had planned for her daughter was no ordinary doll. Katie decided to make the toy extra special. Thankfully, the doll maker agreed to make a custom doll, just for Charlie. It was going to have her hair, clothes, and shoes.

The brilliant part is that the toy also had a replica of the girl's birthmark painted on her face. Isn’t that something! Katie could hardly contain her excitement and eventually decided to make the doll an early Christmas present instead.

Katie shared her story, and these adorable pics of a very happy Charlie clutching her doll, on Love What Matters Facebook page. She adds:

I had planned on giving her to Charlie at Christmas, but I could not wait. When I gave the doll to Charlie, her eyes lit up — she immediately touched her cheek and smiled. Now, Charlie has a baby doll that looks JUST like her, thanks to Little Plain Jane! This little girl has never been happier.

Charlie has taken to the toy and looks excited to have it. She clearly did not expect a doll and not one with a birthmark just like hers. Charlie was so excited, and she even named the doll Princess Cheek. Katie says Charlie never lets it go, even for a moment.

There are still many kids out there like this little girl who suffer birth defects that make them stand out. Stories like this remind us that thoughtful little gifts can go a long way to lift spirits. Sadly, some children are not as lucky as Charlie.

But you can change that in your own little. You may not know it, but it does help to put a smile on a child’s face. So share the spirit of kindness this season. Get one different kid you know a nice little present and spread the love. 

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