Giant Family Beds: Are They A Good Idea Or Just A Fad?


December 7, 2017 17:58 By Fabiosa

One of the most important items in every home is a bed. It is usually the most comfortable piece of furniture for sleeping. Choosing a bed is a very important task, and there are several factors that may determine the kind of bed you want or need.

Size is a major factor. For example, there are beds made for children of different ages, everything ranging from baby cots to bunk beds and more. Then, there are regular size beds for adults. All these come in different shapes and sizes.  Some look amusing, while others are pretty spectacular or impractical.

Apart from that, the mattress is perhaps the most important part of a bed, and these days, they come in multiple variations. Once upon a time the sizes were limited, but with every other passing year, modern trends present new types and sizes of mattresses.

More space to sleep on

Sleeping on a good mattress can provide enough rest and help ease physical stress. Essentially, you should feel comfortable in your bed, notwithstanding the size. With the multiplicity of variations, making a choice can be overwhelming. Most people with families usually buy more than one mattress, but some mattress designers have come up with a solution to this. They offer the giant mattresses!

Sizes of giant mattresses and beds may vary, but most of them have one thing in common. They can accommodate about 5 people sleeping on them at the same time. Picture a family with two parents and three children of different ages. You could fit them all in the same bed. While this seems like a wise decision, how practical is it for most families?

Clearly these massive mattresses may seem like fun and suggest an opportunity for families to enjoy being close when they sleep. But sharing a bed can be a problem for several reasons.

Are super-size beds safe?

Different people have various sleeping habits. Some individuals are particularly physical sleepers, and this could present a major discomfort to persons they share beds with.


Sometimes, accidents happen, and children wet their beds. It is usually a lot easier to manage one isolated accident on a small bed than clean a large one.

Putting a sleeping baby in the same bed with an adult may have some advantages. Parents would have quick access to their young one as against having to leave the bed and move some distance to a crib or another room. But, there are still concerns for the safety of the baby considering a size of a bed.

Babies are exposed to the risk of being rolling on or off the bed as there are no barriers. So, if you are squeamish, maybe these mattresses are not for you.

Going shopping

These massive mattresses and beds may look attractive but how practical are they? Whatever choice you make, being comfortable with your purchase is important. Massive mattresses and beds are here to stay. They are impressive to look at and can be really fun to sleep in. Still, how long they will remain popular may largely depend on how many people will purchase them.

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