"O Holy Night" Cover: Mariah Carey Vs. Serena Onasis

Date December 18, 2017

"O Holy Night" is a well-known Christmas carol composed by Adolphe Adam in response to the French poem, "Minuit, chrétiens", by a poet named Placide Cappeau. The song was first sang in Roquemaure, France, in 1847 by an opera singer Emily Laurey. In both the original French and English versions of the carol, the song reflects on the birth of Jesus Christ and talks about the redemption of humanity.

This fascinating song may have originated in France, but Churches and Christians across the world have embraced this amazing old hymn. In fact, It is one of the most popular songs for choirs to sing at Christmas time.

The song has been recorded by many notable singers including Mariah Carey, Nat King Cole, Céline Dion, Anita Bryant, Whitney Houston, and many others.

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Mariah Carey's version

Mariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who debuted her first album in 1990 and have sold over 200 million records worldwide. Mariah Carey's phenomenal version of "O Holy Night" was at the Life Christmas Concert on ABC in 2011.

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Serena Onasis' version

Serena Onasis, a young girl from Jakarta, Indonesia, wowed people with her incredible voice when she did a cover of the popular "O Holy Night."

Mariah Carey Vs. Serena Oasis

Some people are of the opinion that it is unfair to compare Serena to a big star like Mariah Carey. But ironically, Serena's version is 4 octaves higher than that of Mariah. The latter started out by increasing her pitch, after which she suddenly reaches her highest pitch. While Selena made some twists to the song by slowly but steadily increasing her highest pitch as she sang.

Both singers are incredibly good. It encompasses a stage presence and connection with the audience in amazing ways. Mariah Carey and Serena Onasis seem to have done an amazing job with covering a song that is over a century old.

Source: Beliefnet

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