Living In The Spotlight: Tom Selleck And His Gorgeous Mustache

Date December 6, 2017 12:47

Nothing says manly like facial hair, be it a mustache or a beard. In over 40 years, Tom Selleck has graced millions of television screens with his iconic mustache. Coupled with his charming persona and rakish looks, he carved a niche for himself. In the movie business, looks are perhaps one of the major factors that make or mar a career. In many cases, the more unique an actors' look is, the better.

For Tom, his hairy upper-lip is his mark. Many people view a mustache as a sign of masculinity and in Hollywood, the theory has been proven right time and time again. There is nothing more appealing than a leading man sporting a full upper lip and having the ladies swooning. But how did this remarkable actor go from unknown to mustache king?

Rise to fame

Before his catapult to super-stardom playing Thomas Magnum in the highly-rated TV series Magnum P.I., Tom had a spot playing Lance White in The Rockford Files. Even then, his eye-catching fuzz was making the news and fast becoming a trend. Flash forward to Magnum P.I. and this hunk of hairy-lipped goodness was stealing the hearts of fans across the sexes.

His big break on the big screen came through the role of Peter Mitchell in 3 Men And A Baby in 1987. Since then, he has shown no signs of slowing down. From then on, the roles just kept coming in; from playing Richard Burke in the popular sitcom Friends in the nineties, to appearances in the Star Wars franchise, Tom had the magic.

More recently, he bagged a role as a cop Frank Reagan in Blood Bloods and confesses to maintaining his signature mustache himself. Like it or not, it looks like his face is not changing anytime soon.

The signature mustache

What started out as a personal grooming habit in following years eventually became perhaps one of the most inspiring trends on television. And to a great extent, this was a very good thing for Tom. With major brands falling over themselves in a bid to secure him for adverts to TV studious eager to get a piece of the pie, Tom and his mustache were unstoppable.

And for the man on the street, his mustache became a feature to aspire to. Who would not want to look like a stunning TV private eye in tapered suits, sporting an iconic mustache?

Did someone say meme?


With the advent of the meme, Tom Sellecks' fame has skyrocketed. From random mentions to witty puns, this champion of masculine grooming continues to inspire a new generation of fans. Some wonder who gets the most attention now in the news between Tom and the mustache. Fact still remains, as popular as the mustache is, it's still a big part of the superstar we have all come to love. His talent as an actor is what makes him one of the most loved faces on television.

So, if you are wondering what next to change about your appearance, and if facial hair is your thing, you are in luck. Chances are that if you tap into the grooming groove of Tom Selleck and perhaps, you could be on your way to becoming a Hollywood icon.

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