Saving Another Family: The Ellen Show Helps Single Police Officer Who Suffered From Racial Discrimination

Date February 16, 2018

Even though the tough times when the race mattered are far behind, there are still some obvious aftershocks of racial discrimination in various spheres of life, including law enforcement, and especially for women.


Racial Problems In Law Enforcement

African American women in law enforcement facilities have always had serious problems in their workplace. They were often accused of being different, attracted unnecessary attention, provoked others to mention about the past of their ancestors.


It lasted until 1985 when the group of active police officers organized The National Organization of Black Women in Law Enforcement that must have protected the rights of their colleagues.

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Black Officer In Blue Suit

With the recent example shown on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it is quite unfortunate that there are still accidents connected with racial discrimination.

Police Officer Chassidy Jackson-Goodwin works in her native town of Lincoln and raising her only daughter Jaida.

Chassidy has always been dreaming of becoming the law enforcement officer and when her wish came true, she was a bit disappointed. During 16 years of her back-breaking labor and living through harsh abasements and slander, she eventually didn’t earn enough even to provide her daughter with the college education.

Luckily, on the show, the Jackson family received $75,000 from Hollywood actress Melissa McCarthy.

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Visible Improvements

Fortunately, for the history, the problem with inequality of race is now coming to its logical end. The clear proof for it is the example of North Carolina law enforcement sphere. For the first time ever, the state has six black women police officers on duty.

Regardless of such accidental instances, the world now finally understands the actual problem of racial discrimination.

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Family Police