'It Needs Its Own Agent': 'Blue Blood' Star, Tom Selleck, Talks And About His Iconic 'Stache And How To Grow One

Date March 19, 2018

Tom Selleck is synonymous with a full 'stache. The actor may have one of the most famous mustaches in Hollywood, but he doesn’t take his facial hair that seriously.


It might be the most popular mustache in the world.

His steadfast ‘stache has cemented itself as a staple of Selleck’s style as well as shaped how we think of the classic manly-man. In some ways, Selleck’s mustache seems to have become famous all on its own.

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In fact, in an appearance on the daytime TV show The Talk, Selleck joked that his mustache needed its own agent and revealed that he was actually banned by CBS producers from shaving it off while on Blue Blood.

Without it, he looks entirely different.

The 73-year-old actor has been donning his iconic stubble since the 1980s. And to be honest, we can't even picture him bare-faced. But as a legendary actor, he has sported several looks over the years. Who would have thought the facial hair could change a person's identity so much? Take a look.

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His advice for growing the perfect mustache.


A lot of people have wondered about this so, let's clear it up. He’s never nicknamed the mustache. He has also mentioned in an interview that he doesn’t mind being seen as the “godfather” of 'staches.

His advice for young adults trying to grow one is going through puberty. "Very important”, he jokes.

Do you think Selleck has one of the most iconic 'staches of all time? What do you think of his different looks?

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