'Something Blue, Something Borrowed': Ever Changing Wedding Trends And All There Is To Know

Date February 28, 2018

Trends are getting bigger and wackier than ever before. Some are entirely over the top, and others are just perfect for adding a personal touch to a wedding celebration. There are infinite ways to pull inspiration from this year’s trend report and spin it to match your celebration style.

Favorite wedding traditions from the 80s


It was a decade of “over the topness,” which translated into the wedding of the time. The '80s might conjure up memories of childhood for today’s engaged couples, and though the time may seem relatively recent, the fads have shifted.


Cathedral trains, lace-edged frills, full-length veils, and oversized bouquets... Four-tiered wedding cakes were standard at the beginning of the '80s, but by the end of the decade, they had grown to as many as eight tiers.

Receptions often featured gold accents and gardenia flowers. For the first time, couples were able to capture their weddings on video, creating the wedding videography industry.


Easily the most iconic wedding dress of the 1980s was worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1981. With the enormous puffed sleeves, cinched waist, and dramatic train, it introduced a new romantic ideal.

The top trends for 2018

According to Pinterest's wedding trend report, couples are turning tradition on its head and opting for quirky add-ons, casual attire, and unique ceremonies for their big day. Here is a couple of trends making waves this year.


Comfort is vital for the modern bride, with high necklines, jumpsuits, and flat shoes all taking preference over fairytale ensembles.

Brides are stepping away from traditional white gowns more than ever looking for rose-colored and champagne-colored dresses.

Diamond engagement rings are no longer the only option, with three types of rings giving the stone a run for its money. The most popular in addition to the diamond are moissanite gems, art deco designs, and oval stones.

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Men have had enough of dressing up on the big day, with tie-free looks up. Tweed suits are also on the rise.


Couples are swapping towering cakes for something a little more elegant and relaxed, with fig cakes being a surprising new trend. Other cake trends include metallic decorations and minimal, white frosting.

Fancy formal dinners are a thing of the past, with couples loving the idea of quirky pop-up stalls and pizza party themes. Pretzel bars are one of the top add-ons for couples looking to treat their guests to a tasty snack at the reception.

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In addition to the abovementioned, midnight snacks are also a favorite addition.


Suspended flowers are one of the most popular floral trends of 2018 and coincide perfectly with the trend of 'alternative' natural altars.

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Potted plants are also a top floral trend. Natural altars are more popular than ever, with couples preceding fancy arches in favor of nature's backdrop.

Limo arrivals are a bore for contemporary couples, who are opting for one of a kind arrival via boat, scooter, or hot air balloon.

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Other trends include:

  • backdrop necklaces;
  • messy up-dos;
  • vegan wedding food;
  • unconventional materials like acrylic signs;
  • cement accents;
  • DIY confetti;
  • courthouse ceremonies;
  • 3D invitations;
  • geometric place settings;
  • wedding games.

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Trends that have stuck around for ages

White weddings

As color palettes and thematic planning continues to grow, the white wedding dress remains timeless and classic.

The first dance: It’s still very much a statement, the only thing that changes is the choice of song.

Asking parents for blessing

In some societies across the world, it is customary for the man to ask the father for permission to marry his daughter. Nowadays, it is a declaration of dedication and respect.

Professional photography and videography

No matter how much people want to skimp on the wedding, the couple always wants worthy magazine photos that document the entire event.

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The cutting of the cake

The wedding cake is by default designed to be a show-stopping element of the catering, deliberately placed to woo the guests. The cutting of the cake is a chance to make sure the guests get a good view of the cake, and it makes for a fantastic photo op.

Destination weddings

It's a once in a lifetime chance to bring the nearest and dearest together for an extended period to celebrate and reconnect.

Beach weddings

Since the focus of destination weddings is all about being away from home to have fun with the ones you love and care for, its no wonder beach weddings have become a memorable trend.

Everybody wants their wedding to be unique and to stand out from the crowd, but it would be a mistake to have a wedding that could become dated in the future. You want a wedding that is timeless in its grace and elegance, that you can look back on, and which future generations can look back on and can picture as an event that was cutting edge for its time but is understated in its longevity.