Hollywood's Tough Guy And Western Star Sam Elliott Opens Up As Tenderhearted Father

Date March 21, 2018

Haven’t you ever wondered what it’s like to be a child of a celebrity? Growing up meeting famous people, having media attention, and constantly answering the question “What are your parents like?”

Being a child of a famous person can be very hard, especially if the parents are living extravagant lifestyles and are constantly busy with new projects. But some star kids grow up relatively normal, provided by the loving relationship with their celebrity parents, like Cleo Rose Elliott.

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Cleo Rose (33) is a daughter of the western star Sam Elliott and the actress Katharine Ross. She was born right after her parents got married, and was growing up amidst their busy careers.

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Sam Elliott’s close relationship with only daughter

Cleo Rose Elliott is Sam and Katharine’s only child. It’s understable that famous actor would want to spend as much time with his one daughter as possible.

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Since Cleo’s young age, Sam and Katharine has been attending various events accompanied by their daughter. Now that she’s grown up, Cleo Rose is used to the spotlight and gladly goes to film premieres and award shows with her parents.

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Sam cherishes time with Cleo Rose above all. “I just really love being with Cleo. It doesn’t really matter what we’re doing,” he says.

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Following in the parents’ footsteps

Cleo Rose Elliott chose the artistry path, just like her parents, but in a bit different direction. Cleo has a passion for music, as well as occasional modelling.


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She also cares about animals and actively involves herself in their saving.

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Cleo Rose is active on social media where everyone can keep an eye on her ventures.

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