Amazing! 177 Years After John Tyler Became The 10th President Of America, 2 Of His Grandsons Are Still Alive

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John Tyler, the 10th president of the United States, still has living grandsons. To understand why this fact is so intriguing, we will require some small calculations and history lessons.

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John Tyler was the first President to marry in office.

Tyler became the president of American 52 years after George Washington was elected America's first President. Tyler ruled from 1841 to 1845 after his predecessor, William Henry Harrison, died while he office.

Tyler has a few firsts credited to his tenure as leader of the free world. To start with, he was the first to rise directly from Vice President to the highest office without an election.

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He is also the first to marry while in office and the American President with the most children. After his first wife Letita died, he married Julia in 1844, just before he left office.

His grandson, Harrison Ruffin Tyler

He is not considered one of the country's most remarkable leaders. But, the fact that his grandsons are still alive 177 years after their grandfather became President is certainly worthy of note.

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This is especially remarkable when you consider that America is just around 242 years old!

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John Tyler himself was born in 1790, just one year after George Washington was sworn in as president. 228 years after his birth, one of his grandsons, Harrison Ruffin Tyler, is just 89.

When CBS News showed up at President Tyler's Virginia estate, they met with Harrison and his son William.

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The great-grandson disclosed that he himself finds it difficult to believe his family's intriguing connection to America's past.

3 generations

But it's not that difficult to believe. Tyler, who died in 1862, was 63 when his Harrison's father, Lyon, was born to him by his second wife Julia.

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Lyon was one of the younger ones among his 15 children. Harrison, himself, was born to Lyon by a much younger wife when he was already 75. This was in 1928.

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Harrison R. Tyler appears to have lived a very different life from his grandfather's. He spent his career as a chemical engineer and businessman. His company, ChemTreat, reportedly sold for $435 million in 2007.

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