Still Friends? Exes, Matthew McConaughey And Sandra Bullock, Did Not Hang Out Much At The Oscars

Date March 19, 2018

Matthew McConaughey has been married to his wife, Camila Alves, for 6 years and the couple is apparently very happy together. But, an Oscar presenting gig with Sandra Bullock brought back memories of their two-year relationship.

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Camila Alves

The actor, who is famous for his lines "Alright alright alright", does not miss a chance to gush about his wife.

During a recent Q&A with City Gala founder Ryan Long, the actor said he's most thankful for:

... life, three healthy children and my wife Camila who doesn't want to change me.

The actor has said in the past that Alves, who is Brazilian-American, rejected him at first. They got engaged on Christmas Day 2011 and tied the knot in June 2012, but before then, the stunning model and designer made him work for it.

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She did not give him even as little as a kiss when they first hung out together in his apartment after they met at a club in Los Angeles. And, she makes him have a conversation in Portuguese even though he only spoke Spanish.

His relationship with Sandra Bullock 

Before he got together with Alves, he and Sandra Bullock were rumored to be an item.

While filming the legal thriller, A Time To Kill,  Bullock and McConaughey were said to have kicked off a relationship off-screen. This was in 1996.

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They never really confirmed their relationship.

In an Oprah interview, while she was promoting Hope Flats in 1997, Bullock firmly denied dating the actor but she did say that any woman who would date him had to get by her first.

Although the both of them moved on long ago, they stayed in each other's lives. Bullock even became friends with Camila Alves and their children have had play dates more than once.

No Oscar moment

Still, people can't seem to get over the chemistry McConaughey and Bullock, shared back in the day.

And at the 90th Academy Awards, when they were listed as Oscar presenters, the irony was not lost on fans.

McConaughey was there with Alves who looked surreal in white and got introduced to Oscar winner, Gary Oldman. The friendly exes, however, did not seem to hang out much. We wonder if all is well with the friendly exes.

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