'Tragic Pasts Meet Hopeful Future': Couple Share Inspirational Story Of Adopting Two Blind Children

Date February 22, 2018

Michigan parents Katie and Craig Hurst always knew they were going to adopt someone. Katie shared her lifelong dream of adopting children from China with her husband while they were still dating, and he came on board.

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Becoming Adoptive Parents

Wondering why Katie knew it had to be from China? A book she read when she was just 7 years old turned her heart to orphaned children in the Asian country.

The Hursts, who married while they were in college, first had 3 children of their own before they adopted their first son from China. The family of five fell in love with the little boy and knew they would be adopting more.

Bold Decision

The couple made a decision to add two more children to their growing family. This time, they  took a really bold step. The new members of their family were two little girls who are completely blind.

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Katie says adopting and being a mom to her physically challenged children has changed her drastically. She has learnt to rely on God's grace and keeps a really great pediatrician close by, as each of her daughters have specific requirements.

Sharing Their Experience

The mom of six children shares her experience as a contributor for the website "No Hands But Ours." It is a platform where adoptive families share their inspiring story.

It is not without its challenges. There are times when they have to deal with concerns from their children's past, but they have created a pattern where every child's fears and needs get full attention.

She says it's important to them to answer the questions their children have about their pasts. They create a safe space to speak the truth.

Katie says being an adoptive family means embracing each day as it comes. But, importantly, they relish the laughs and new memories.

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