Tom Selleck Divorced His First Wife, And Her Son Has Not Been The Same Ever Since

Date March 20, 2018

For decades, Tom Selleck has amazed us with his impressive acting skills. But what's almost as fascinating as his career is his personal life.


Two kids - but one is not his biological child.

Say what you will about this man, but you cannot deny that he has a big heart. When Tom was married to  Jacqueline Ray in 1971, he also adopted her son, Kevin Shepard.

Jacqueline and Tom got divorced in 1982, and he went on to marry British actress, Jillie Mack.

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They have been together for more than three decades. Hannah Margaret Selleck was born to the couple in December 1988.


Kevin Shepard (Selleck)'s troubles

Even after his marriage to Jacqueline ended, Tom still tried to maintain a close relationship with his adopted son. The actor maintained his position as a father figure to the boy for many years. But that did not prevent Kevin from going astray.


Kevin began getting into trouble as a teenager and many years later, he's still struggling. His financial problems and failed music career have made headlines and nothing seems to be working to get him back on the right track.


Tom was very worried about his stepson. Over the years, he tried to help Kevin through his addiction problems and other major issues. According to reports by Rader, Tom soon got tired of trying to guide Kevin on the right path.

A source reportedly told the publication:

No matter what Tom’s done for him, Kevin can’t find his way.

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Dealing with failure.

Kevin was 15 when he started getting into trouble. It even got so bad that, at the time, his mother considered sending him to a boarding school. When he was 22, he suffered injuries that ended the sports career he was building at the time. Due to a drinking problem, he was admitted to the Betty Ford Center.


It seemed things were changing for the better as, after rehab, Kevin started a band, Tonic, but after a successful first album, everything fell apart.

He started another band which failed, as well. In 2011, a credit card company obtained a $6,000 judgment for an unpaid bill.

Kevin just could never catch a break and he's still struggling to find his footing. It must have been very hard for him living in his superstar dad shadow for many years.

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