They Struggled With Their Past But Found Comfort In A Shared Future. How Tim McGraw And Faith Hill's Love Story Began

Date March 16, 2018

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are known as one of the most iconic couples in country music. They have been together for more than two decades and with each year that passes, their marriage only seems to get stronger. So what's their secret? And how did their love story begin?


Once upon a time

Tim and Faith fell in love pretty quickly. They met while they were on tour and went on to build a relationship that has endured several years.

When Faith was 19, she met a music executive, Daniel Hill. They got married and were together for five years. Then, a time came when Faith had to take a closer look at her life and realized she needed things to be different. This was after she met her birth mother. She said goodbye to Daniel and moved on, bravely venturing into the unknown.


She gave in to her creative side and a year after separating from Daniel, she released her first album, Take Me As I Am. After she released her second album, she joined the Spontaneous Combustion Tour, in 1996, where she got to open for none other than Tim McGraw.

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Tim also had his own past struggles. He began to question who he was after finding out his dad was not his biological father. This led to some challenges with discovering his identity and like Faith, music helped very much in this regard. His album, Not A Moment Too Soon, was released in 1994 and quickly topped the charts.


At the beginning of the Spontaneous Combustion Tour, Faith was engaged to a music producer, Scott Hendricks, while Tim was reportedly planning to settle down with his girlfriend at the time. But when these two met, they realized that the love they had for one another was nothing compared to what they felt for their respective partners.

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Then, he popped the question

Tim did not waste time when it came to expressing his interest in getting married to Faith. Speaking to The Boot, he shared how he asked the beautiful singer to marry him.

We were playing at a country music festival, and we had a trailer that was our dressing room. I had a big mirror that was in there, and right before I went onstage, I wrote ‘Will you be my wife?’ … I mean, ‘Will you marry me?’ and I went onstage, and when I came offstage, she had written ‘I am going to be your wife, yes’. And so, we still have that mirror.

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The couple got married on October 6, 1996. Two years later, their first child, Gracie, was born. Maggie Elizabeth arrived a couple of years after this, then the parents welcomed their third child, Audrey Caroline, in 2001.

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So what keeps their marriage strong?

In November last year, the couple appeared on The Today Show to promote their new album, The Rest of Our Life. They were, of course, asked what the secret to their relationship was.

For Tim, tolerance is the key. He said, "Well, she tolerates a lot, I think that’s probably the main reason," to which Faith replied, "You tolerate a lot too. I’m not the easiest person."

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Faith later went on to say, "We do actually like one another.

They also shared a couple of other tips that have held their relationship together over the years. For example, equality is important to them.

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It’s pretty even. We make decisions about things in different ways, but we always talk about it before we do it. And you know, having three daughters, we sort of acquiesced to mom quite a bit on those decisions. - Tim McGraw.

And they make sure they fight fair:

First and foremost, you should be able to argue and you should be able to have discussions, or yelling matches, or whatever. You can go into an argument and your first thought shouldn’t always be ‘Should I be in this relationship?’ That should be the last thought you have in an argument. - Tim McGraw

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Well, these seem like simple enough rules. And if they are what kept this duo together for 20 years, then you bet we are taking notes.

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