Albinism And Famous People With This Condition

Date February 12, 2018 14:49

There is a stereotype that albino people are evil. Mostly, it happened due to the exploitation of albino image in movies. People with such disease were depicted there as villains. Traits of albinism, such as pale skin, colorless hair, and blue or red eyes, were used to add intimidation to the evil character and distinguish them from the heroes. However, the fact that almost every albino suffers from impaired vision was hidden on purpose.

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Persecution of people with albinism

Although the disease itself is rare in the western world, it is quite common in Sub-Saharan Africa, most likely due to existing consanguinity in those countries. There is a belief that some body parts of albino people can transmit magical powers and vice versa. Thus, such people are considered cursed, or their disease can be contagious. Whatever the reasons are, they may be dismembered, persecuted, or even killed.

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Famous people with albinism

Despite unbelievably tough social integration that people with albinism may face, there are many of them who gained fame by expressing themselves and showcasing their talents to the world. And you may even know some of them:

Shaun Ross – First male model with albinism in mainstream fashion industry.

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Connie Chiu – First female model with albinism in mainstream fashion industry.

Ali Douglas Newman, Brother Ali, is an American hip-hop artist.

Diandra Forrest - First female model with albinism to be signed to a major modeling agency.

Winston Foster, King Yellowman, is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall deejay.

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Nastya Zhidkova is a Russian albino model, who rose to fame under the professional alias Kiker Chan.

Darnell Swallow - A contestant in Big Brother season 9.

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What is it like to live a life as an albino person?

The lives of albino people differ dramatically. They may have issues with vision and social interrogation. They usually get bullied in school, and in adulthood, it is hard for them to get a job. You could imagine a psychological pressure such people may feel. It is essential for them to have strong support.

However, despite all the difficulties, many of such people remain positive:

Some may even joke a bit:

Albinism can't stop a person, who strives for a better life:

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