10 Creative Christmas Ideas Of Decorating Cakes With Gum Paste

Date December 7, 2017

When you create a celebration cake its decoration should be perfect. Most often, professional chefs use gum paste or sugar paste to create a smooth and colorful covering.

The substance is pliable but thick. It can be modeled into anything you choose from simply covering the layers to creating unique figures. If you don't have time to make gum paste at home, many stores sell various kinds of the ready-to-use stuff. It may be colorful or simply white and have various tastes. The substance consists of sugar, egg whites, veg shortening, and Tylose powder.

Gum paste should be stored in the fridge and taken out to warm up a little bit before decorating with it. It's better to put the substance in a ziplock bag or in an airtight box.

Gum paste is a great solution for your winter holidays. Both Christmas and New Year deserve to see a wonderful cake coated with the colorful paste and decorated with beautiful designs. Here are a few creative ideas:

This one will add another Christmas tree to the house, it also comes with some presents!

To bring the spirit of spring, decorate the cake with this bright paste.

What can be more adorable than a bunch of penguins on a cake? Look at these two examples and fall in love with them. Though the figures may be a little hard to make, the result is worth all the trouble.

Build a small snowman on a cake to create the real atmosphere of winter holidays. On sweets, they seem to be perfect and snowy white.

The next idea combines the previous ones and presents penguins and snowman as friends.

A creative way to decorate a Christmas tree.

Are those leaves really artificial?

This Santa seems to have a sweet tooth.

Choose any idea or create something unique to make Christmas cakes even more beautiful.

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