Hairstyles Evolution Through The Decades: Lush 80s And Natural 2000s

Date December 13, 2018 20:21

Every decade has its own style. Sometimes, for the later generation, it might look funny, but fashion dictates the way it should be. And each time it’s fascinating.

All the changes in clothes and appearances from 1901 to 2000 were stunning. Going from classical Victorian elegance to the long-haired hippies of the sixties and so on. Industrial and technological achievements have never been so fast and continuous. And all this evolution has been reflected in many hairstyles throughout the century. So, depending on the taste, there are numerous hairstyles that can be done, even some crazy and extraordinary.

For example, like in this video where all the extreme ones are presented.

And if we are talking about recent years, hairstyles used to change through the decades. Let’s go not too far and start with the 80s.

80's hairstyles had some kind of a special charm. That’s why the fashion industry returned to them in 30 years and is going to revive them again and again. They were pretty lush and bulky.

The 90s were a mixture of all sorts of styles, colors, and different ideas. The most important thing for the youth of that time was to stand out from the crowd.

In the 2000s, medium-long hair was popular, for example, a cascade haircut. Girls loved bob cuts with and without bangs too. Light and gentle curls were also in style. And natural hair color was the best choice.

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For those who are fans of ‘Friends’, they can see the hairstyles evolution through the episodes of the show. The most fashionable one – Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston - changed numerous haircuts, and usually women looked up to her when it came to the hairstyles. She was kind of a trendsetter in this area.

So, hairstyle is pretty important, it can help express oneself and even feel more confident. well, those rebelian ones from 80s would definitely be able to do this.

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