Fortuna The Dog: A Homeless Puppy Who Impressed People With Her Strength And Love For Life


December 18, 2017 18:20 By Fabiosa

Statistics says that every year, over 3 million of stray dogs enter shelters in the U.S. only. In Europe, the total number of homeless dogs is estimated to be around 100 million of animals.

Some of these pets were abandoned by their previous owners. The others were born on the streets and never had a home of their own.

The one thing that unites all these animals is that they desperately need to be loved and cared for.

And in some cases, they also need a bit of additional luck, just to make it through, like a little dog named Fortuna did.

Fortuna's story

Fortuna is a little stray dog who was picked up from the streets in Pyrgos, Greece, by the local volunteers. She was one of the two puppies found by some good people who notified the activists about their location and disturbing state.

Unfortunately, the second dog died before the people from the shelter even got to their location. This little girl, on the other hand, seemed to be a real fighter and survivor. And the shelter workers named her Fortuna to make sure that luck would always be on her side.

She is now receiving emergency care at the clinic, and we hope she will pull through. She has been named Fortuna for good luck!

After a few days of treatment, the dog started to recover. In a few days, she was already able to take her very first shower.

And after that, Fortuna went to her temporary home with one of the volunteers who found her.

Our volunteer who found her went to the clinic today to take her home where she will be well cared for with lots of love.

Considering how much time she spent on the streets and how poor her health is at the moment, there is still a lot of work to be done. Recently, the puppy went back to the clinic for a few days because of a strong helminthiasis.

Despite taking antiparasitic treatment, her few hard months on this planet were taking their toll.

But, as we said earlier, Fortuna is a real fighter and survivor. After spending the weekend in the clinic, the dog was once again allowed to get back to her temporary home. And even though there is still a lot of work to be done before little Fortuna becomes a healthy puppy, she looks much happier and more confident now.

And it looks like pretty soon, she will be moving to her new forever home in Switzerland.

Fortuna's story is yet another proof that you don't have to change the entire world to make it a better place. Helping to save at least one life is already enough to make a difference.