Royal Choice: 8 Of Princess Diana's Favorite Types Of Hats

Date December 13, 2017 14:21

Princess Diana was an icon for millions of people across the world. She was a loving wife and mother, a kindhearted woman, and a persistent humanitarian who was trying to help as many people as she could. They called her “the people's princess” and followed her lead in all areas, including fashion.

Stylish gorgeous head dressers were one of the trademarks of the legendary woman. And today, we are going to show you eight of Princess Diana's favorite kinds of hats.

1. Small toppers

Princess Diana often used a small hat with a veil to accomplish her perfect look. While having different shapes and colors, these head-dresses always had a short veil covering Lady Di's golden blond hair.

2. Wide-brimmed hats

On sunny days, Princess Diana preferred to wear colorful hats with wide brims.

She usually picked hats of bright colors, such as green, red, or white.

3. Toques

When there was no need to hide from the sun, the mother of Princes William and Harry sported one of the stunning toques.

4. Bowler hats

Princess Diana seemed to love different variations of top hats and bowlers.

As for the color, the classic combination of black and white was definitely one of her favorites.

5. Fascinators

Elegant fascinators were one of the most popular elements of Princess Diana's outfits.

Thanks to a long veil covering her face, Lady Di looked even more beautiful and a bit mysterious.

6. Berets

Bright colored berets added a bit of French charm to Princess Diana's stylish outfits.

7. Pillbox hats

A pillbox hat is one of the most popular toppers, so it comes as no surprise that Princess Diana had so many of them.

8. Tiaras

While tiara is not actually a hat, it was one of Princess Diana's favorite kinds of toppers.

Her hats made Lady Di look like a respectable woman with a perfect sense of style and elegance. But it was her stunning tiaras encrusted with countless pearls and diamonds that changed her look completely.

Princess Diana was a true fashion icon back in the '90s. However, many people loved her not for her gorgeous look but for her kind loving heart.

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