3 Reasons Why Cats Go Crazy About Boxes

Date December 13, 2018 20:21

Have you ever tried to surprise your cat with a fancy playhouse? If you did, then the chances are high that instead of the playground, your beloved pet was more interested in the box his present came from. Cats seem to be unable to resist the temptation and try to get inside the box whenever they have a chance. Turns out, there is some logic behind their seemingly strange behavior.


Here are three reasons why cats love boxes so much:

1. A hide

Cats love to hide in small closed spaces because it makes them feel safe.


So, by providing your cat with an empty box you actually help your beloved pet feel more comfortable and less stressed out.

A study performed by Dutch researchers confirms this idea: shelter cats that were given a box to sleep in showed lower stress levels and got used to the new surroundings faster than the pets who did not get any hiding boxes.

2. An ambush

While making cats feel safe and protected, boxes also appear to be a great place for an ambush. It is especially obvious when there is more than one cat in the room.

Cats have predatory instincts and use boxes as an ambush, waiting for a victim to come closer. Then, they would jump out of the box and catch their prey.


3. A useful toy


When they don't use a box as an ambush or a sleeping spot, they turn it into a fun toy or even a scratching post.


Surprisingly enough, even the big cats, like lions and tigers, love to play with boxes. The only problem is that in order to entertain these fascinating creatures, zoo workers have to look for very large boxes.

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