Creative DIY Ideas For Christmas Doorknob Hangers

Date December 13, 2018 12:15

We are used to think of doorknob hangers as a standard feature in a hotel. They are usually dull and plain, saying “Do Not Disturb” on one side and “Maid Service Requested” on the other.

But what if we could use them for something other than that? Doorknob hangers are great for decorating our houses before Christmas and can add a perfect holiday touch to any interior! Besides, they are so easy to make that crafting them could be a great activity with your little ones.

We can choose from a variety of designs and ideas to personalize our Christmas doorknobs. You can use all kinds of materials to create your individual style. Here are some examples of holiday hangers made of felt and fabric.

Another idea is to craft them from wood, paper, or cardboard.

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It might take a little time to create these, but knitted or embroidered doorknob hangers are absolutely gorgeous and can even serve as great handmade gifts.

In order to craft a cute deer made of felt, all you’ll need is a little patience and a pinch of inspiration! The materials needed for this DIY project are the following: stencil made of paper, a sewing needle and strings, black bead, felt, ribbons, and stuffing.

alena zuevskaya / YouTube

First of all, draw the pattern of the deer and cut it out. Then, transfer the pattern to the felt, making two of the same pieces.

alena zuevskaya / YouTube

Put them both together and sew the edges, leaving a little hole to fill the deer with the stuffing. After that, sew the opening too.

alena zuevskaya / YouTube

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Decorate the toy with beads, ribbons, or other details, such as hearts and stars. Use the ribbon to hang the deer on the doorknob. That’s it! Your sweet personalized door hanger is ready!

alena zuevskaya / YouTube

We are hoping that our crafting ideas have inspired you to create wonderful décor accessories for the holidays! Please, consider sharing this article with your friends.

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