5 Nail Design Ideas For Christmas And The New Year Celebration Season

Date December 13, 2018

The Christmas season is exactly what it is, a season, and like all every season, Christmas has its trends and fashion appeal.

As you get warm under those blanket sheets and winter coats, as a woman, you can get your nails exquisitely painted in Christmas art for the season. Add flavor to your manicure needs this season.

Of course, you could purchase ready-made nails, but it’s the holiday. While you warm up close to the fireplace, getting the art on your nails will have its own rewards – that feeling of warm satisfaction of course.

So here are a few ideas that can get you started, you can thank me later.

1. Snowflakes

The snow is an added element of the yuletide. Why? Because of winter. So why not add this art to your nail paint ideas. A couple of Facebook pages already featured samples of these ideas.

An image uploaded by Creative Ideas on Facebook provides a perfect idea for your snowflake art. Using the colors white and black interchangeably, adorn your nail surfaces with snowflakes in variant sizes.

Fab Art DIY samples yet another idea, apply as a base, white nail paint shimmers on your nails and then create snowflakes on the surface, using bright nail shimmers.

2. Christmas trees

White pine Christmas trees painted on each fingernail over a blue starry night with a bright white colored star centered on your middle finger is one brilliant idea from Snowflake art design.

This color scheme is worth flaunting while you stylishly gesticulate as you engage in chitchat with friends and family.

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3. Snowman

You may not have the all the time to build a snowman at the park or at the front yard of your home, what with all the Christmas cooking and indoor decorations.

However, a nail polish idea of the snowman painted on your nails can be as rewarding as building one.

Apply brightly colored paint shimmers as the base, and then get the snowman painted either on every finger or one finger of each hand.

4. Reindeer and Santa

This is the pick of the pack ladies. What is Christmas without reelecting or referencing Santa and his reindeers, as we enjoy the holidays?

You will need the traditional Christmas bright red and white color scheme for this manicure beauty. A clear picture is seen onFashion and Beauty Facebook page image upload.

5. Snow shimmer and tendril

Christmas lights and tendrils can be a form of nail art. You can add this decoration to your manicure appointment using bright colors that highlight your fingernails.

All these ideas can be intricate and involve time investment, if you are not convinced of your DIY skills, you can book a manicure appointment at your beauty shop or purchase these nails and get them fixed.

Natural nails by Dixie provides lovely samples for your nails this season. Merry Christmas!

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