Amazing Animal Graffiti That Completely Transform Buildings And Neighborhoods

Date December 13, 2018

When we think of art, we think of veterans like Picasso, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and others who created works that still marvel the world today and are kept in museums for people to behold.

In recent times, art has evolved into many things and many forms. There are paintings today known as Graffiti that literally bring things to life, almost like 3D printed images.

1. Elephant painting looks so real on the wall you could almost touch and feel it.

2. Reptile drawn across the wall appears as if it is about to drop down and walk the ground.

3. Drawing of a bird on the wall looking sideways.

4. Grasshopper graffiti appears as if it standing and staring you in the face.

5. Parrot hanging down from its cage with the inscription saying, “One Love.”

6. Reptile lizard drawing on the wall looks so scary with its very long tail.

7. Three little birds feeding and a mother bird drawn on the wall.

8. Graffiti shows one mice with a sledge and a cat approaching about to be hit.

9. The neighborhood gets a dog graffiti on the wall of a house.

10. Beautiful pink fish graffiti on a wall looking sideways.

11. This wall is completely transformed.

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12. A man holding a little bed before a wild animal that seeks to get the bird.

13. Painting of chameleon sticking out its sticky tongue to grab its prey.

14. Bird with a long beak sitting beautifully on the branch of a flower.

15. Painting reveals shark stuck in an aquarium yet looking curious.

16. Dog graffiti grabbing an apple.

17. The design on this bungalow makes it feel like the house of a wild cat.

18. The cat seems to be looking as everyone walks past her.

19. Strange reptile looking creepy as it appears to move along on the wall.

20. A large cobra curled around a bus!

21. A frog looking for a prey!

22. Weird looking animal looking all dressed up!

23. Big bird drawn on the wall having long protruding beaks.

24. Chimpanzee drawing with hands on chin and appears to be thinking.

25. Chimpanzee smoking yet thinking about bananas.

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26. Great looking dog carefully drawn on the wall. You could hardly believe it is not real.

27. Octopus with its many legs drawn on the wall moving.

28. Polar bear drawn looking scared as it swims in clean water.

29. A drawing of a group of monkeys trapped in a wheelbarrow.

30. You have got to be a lover or animals not to freak out about this.

31. Painting of two monkeys as one holds the head of another passionately.

32. Insects don't look any better than this!

33. Shark drawn looking violent and about to devour diver with a camera.

34. A fish looking as though it were in an aquarium.

35. A hen coming out of a drainage pipe.

36. Wild cat relaxing inside a drainage system. It's probably waiting for a prey.

37. Painting of rabbit sniffing as it reclines in the green grass.

38. Beautiful dog covered in snow.

39. Drawing of two birds sitting on a wall looking around.

40. These birds are probably lost in thought here.

41. Painting of woman lying down with little clothing and surrounded by rabbits.

42. It appears the birds are coming out the hand in here.

43. Talk about danger looming!

Drawings and paintings are here to stay. Art brings to life some of our own thoughts, and graffiti help to beautify our surroundings.

The drawings captioned here sure added so much beauty to their neighborhoods. Those who visit these areas will sure have good memories of the place and most importantly, the drawings.

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