Simple DIY Paper Craft Idea: Decorating Picture Frame With Roses Made Of Newspaper

Date January 24, 2018

Handicraft allows us to bring our imagination out to make interesting and unusual things from a wide variety of materials. Artisans use not only beads, threads, fabrics, and special cardboard but also ordinary newspapers. Yes, besides keeping us abreast of all gossips and political events, this medium can be found in numerous DIY lists. Cute little bags, baskets, or flowers of incredible beauty – the list is endless. So, why not bring cheerful blooms to your living room or other corners of your house by making beautiful and unique roses and decorating a photo frame with them?


To decorate a photo frame with rolled newspaper roses, you will need:

  • newspaper (you can also opt for old book pages or Kraft paper);
  • pair of scissors;
  • hot glue gun;
  • glue;
  • spray paint of your choice;
  • picture frame.


1. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into several horizontal strips of more-or-less the same length and width.

2. Take one of the paper strips and fold it in half twice.

3. Start making a bud and petals by scrunching and coiling the end of the strip.

4. Using a spray paint, paint roses in the color matching your picture frame (or any other preferred shade).

5. Let it dry.

6. Using a glue gun, attach paper roses to the frame.

7. Repeat the procedure with other strips of paper.

8. Put a picture in the frame and enjoy the result!

Of course, picture frames are not the only thing you can make brighter with the help of this DIY. You can decorate gifts, mirror frames, or simply walls and pieces of furniture.

We hope you found this craft idea useful!

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