26 Totally Awesome Furniture Pieces Carved Out Of Tree Roots, Branches And Burls

Date January 15, 2018

It is easy to turn your house into an unforgettable place. It is just enough to look at what surrounds you. For example, the furniture made of twigs, branches, stumps, and snags can be unique and, at the same time, convenient. All the natural materials can be found in the forest, on the shore, and in your own garden.

The main advantage of such furniture is exclusivity. There are no two identical trees, trunks, or twigs, so any furniture piece made will also be unique.

There are other advantages:

  • ecological cleanliness and absolute safety of the material;
  • variety of material allows you to make any furniture pieces: from an elegant lampshade to a bed;
  • with proper use, it can serve you for ages;
  • and what is important, there are many tutorials and pictures on the Internet that can inspire you to create something new.













There even more ways to create stunning sculptures and beautiful furniture. For example, you can add amber.



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And some people make real masterpieces. For instance, Jeffro Uitto creates bizarre, very realistic sculptures and furniture from driftwood, perfectly polished by the ocean, dried by the wind, and bleached by the sun.







You cannot but admire them!

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