Chilly Winter Is The Best Time To Try Out New Looks and Experiment With Hairstyle: 9 Amazing Options


January 15, 2018 15:47 By Fabiosa

In winter, we are forced to flee from the cold and frost, wrapped in many warm clothes. Sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens – these clothes do not let us freeze. The most important thing is to protect the head from cold wind and low temperature. For this purpose, there is a large assortment of hats and other headgear. However, most women of fashion deliberately refuse to wear hats in winter to avoid damaging damage their hair. But why risk your health when there are lots of great winter hairstyles?

1. Bun

This is a perfect solution for girls with long hair. It can be tied up in the usual way or on the side. The bun can be casual or sophisticated, but it is still an elegant hairstyle that is very easy to make.

2. Fishtail braid

This one is another every day hairstyle for long hair that looks beautiful and elaborate.

3. Two braids

If you want to take a walk with children or go shopping, you can make two braids. This option will protect your hair from excessive influence of frosty air. And it is not only practical but also fun and cute.

4. Curls

If you want to wear your hair down, you can opt for light curls. There’s absolutely no need to make large, sophisticated curls, as the headgear can ruin them. It is enough to curl the ends of the hair a bit and give them volume. It will look natural and stylish.

5. Famous French braid

This classic and beautiful hairstyle is very feminine. If you are going on a date or in a cafe with friends, then this option will be perfect.

6. Blunt bob

Those with a medium length hair can rock the blunt bob hairstyle. It keeps the volume well and looks stunning under the head-wear.

7. Keeping things simple

The easiest way is to keep the hair straight. Girls with natural curls can straighten their hair with an iron, but they should not forget to apply thermal protection before that. And those who already have straight hair can use special products to make it shiny and obedient.

8. Braids with tails

Use your imagination and combine different weaves.

9. Weaves

Or you can use a variety of weaves that can be seen from under your headdress.

There’s so many options, to everyone’s liking!

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