13,000 Lovers? The True Story About Warren Beatty's Women

Date March 12, 2018

Can you imagine a person having affairs with almost 13,000 different women? According to Warren Beatty’s biographer that is what happened to the 80-year-old American actor. Luckily, those are just wild rumors, and the Oscar-winning producer is now living his happy life for more than 24 years with his beloved Annette Bening.

However, before getting married, Warren was tied with a few quite famous and influential women. So, who were the four former lovers of Mr. Beatty?


Beatty's life

Warren Beatty tied the knot with Annette Bening back in 1992, and since then, the American actress gave him four amazing children – Stephen (1992), Benjamin (1994), Isabel (1997), and Ella (2000). It turns out that Beatty searched for his true love a lot, having changed four lovers before that.


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Moreover, his biographer, Peter Biskind, states that Warren’s achievements are much greater and informs about almost 13,000 partners that have been changed throughout his life. But simple mathematics easily destroys the unjustified statement (13,000 divided by 365 equals to 35 years of changing women on a daily basis). So, let’s talk about Warren’s official partners and see who they are.


Warren's women

Diane Keaton

During the Reds filming, Beatty got close with the American actress, Diane Keaton. Their bond was so strong that Warren describes his real feelings to her even now:

I love her. She’s a combination of integrity and humor and intelligence and fairness and, did I say beauty? A brilliant comedic sense.


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Julie Christie

Similar emotions the actor feels for his next ex-beloved, Julie. He claims that even today as his ex and her new husband come to his town, his guest room is always open for them.


Natalie Wood

Here Warren is also confident – they both weren’t ready for a permanent relationship:

Although our romance lasted approximately two years, our affair was a ‘collision’ — a combination three-ring circus and five-alarm fire.

At that time, Wood was 23 while Warren – 24, and their main issue to a successful marriage was a simply lack of experience.


Joan Collins

Perhaps, the most interesting reason for their split happened to Warren was with Joan Collins. The British actress has soon confessed that she never loved Beatty a lot; moreover, she claimed that he was very demanding in bed:

Although I wasn’t madly in love with Warren, he and I were actually very compatible, even if he needed to have sex several times a day, which often wore me out.


Unexpected world

Another striking event happened in the life of Mr. Beatty was the decision of his first-born child.

Originally born Kathlyn Elizabeth, the girl realized that she is transgender and has soon made the surgery. Now, Stephen’s twitter is constantly exploding the Internet with messages about his boyfriend and their life together.

The world is quite unexpected. From rumors about 13,000 lovers to transgender son – nothing can save you from the realities of this cruel world.

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