Kids Of The Legendary Quartette: Who Are The Beatles' Children Nowadays

Date March 8, 2018

What images do you see in front of your eyes when you hear The Beatles? From Indian music to rock and roll, the legendary quartette was versatile enough to steal a way into the hearts of millions. The impact they have made on the world’s music is indescribable. However, this is not the only legacy they have left behind. Their kids are living as ordinary people near us and have their own unique stories to tell.


Legendary band

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison – you will remember these names forever. Beatlemania was the trend compared to social networks nowadays, meaning that wherever you went, you were about to hear either "Yesterday," "Yellow Submarine," or "Hey Jude."

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Moreover, they were also making amazing amounts of money, selling more than 800 million physical and digital copies of their albums around the world. Apart from tremendous popularity, the guys had their own families and kids that are now living, knowing that their fathers used to be one of the most popular men in the world.

Celebrity descendands

Stella McCartney

Born in 1971, the English fashion designer is popular person in the celebrity world. Apart from having her own brand, the 46-year-old woman is a musician, photographer, and similarly to the members of her family, animal rights activist. She is a well-known vegetarian and leads a completely healthy way of life.

James McCartney

Paul’s only son is currently a British musician and songwriter. He has repeatedly helped his parents compose the songs, having contributed to such singles as "Flaming Pie," "Driving Rain," and "Wide Prairie." His own latest album, The Blackberry Train, was released in 2016 and was quite a big success.

Marry McCartney

48-year-old English photographer is now living an exclusively healthy lifestyle. Marry is a vegetarian writer. She has already published two books ("Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking," "At My Table: Vegetarian Feasts for Family and Friends") and is currently working on the next one.

Heather McCartney

Paul’s only adopted child is now a 55-year-old artist who originates from America. She is mostly famous for her pottery skills that she continues developing in Britain. Although Heather’s biological father has influenced her life greatly, she considers Paul to be her real father.

Zak Starkey

English rock drummer, performing since 1996. 52-year-old son of Ringo Starr has already changed a few bands and is currently traveling around the world, playing at different events (Super Bowl XLIV, 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony, Quadrophenia, and others).

Jason Starkey

Started his career as a drummer in a number of rock bands. Jason has also enjoyed working in a photography sphere. However, he doesn’t really like being a son of such a popular identity and has repeatedly confessed about this:

Being Ringo Starr's son is the biggest drag of my life. It's a total pain.


Lee Starkey

Starting as a makeup designer, Lee has tried a lot of occupations in her life. Her later fashion business soon collapsed due to the unfortunate events in the family – her mother was diagnosed with leukemia, and Lee stayed with her to the end of her days. Now, she lives in London, working again as a makeup artist.


Sean Lennon

American actor and singer. His father got married to Japanese songwriter, so Sean spent part of his life in Tokyo. His parents helped him begin the career that has later skyrocketed with a solo album Mama Said. Modern Sean has been practicing transcendent meditation and feedbacks positively about the movement:

For me, it's like a scientific method to calm my brain down and making my frontal lobe more active. It's an exercise, really. It helps me to have about 10 percent more conscious thinking.

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Julian Lennon

English musician and photographer, named after his granny Julia. John Lennon claimed that little Julian inspired his band for at least three songs – "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," "Hey Jude," and "Good Night." Julian is well-known for his philanthropic mind-set. He is currently a member of the White Feather Foundation and the Whale Dreamers Organization.

Dhani Harrison

British musician, composer, and song-writer. From 2002 till 2017, he had his own band Thenewno2, but 15 years later, he claimed to leave the band and composed his first solo album In Parallel.

Beatles Revival

Would you like the Beatles to return? Would you mind hearing their charming voices one more time? The quartette offsprings were considering recreating the famous band as some of the legendary voices preserved through the genes. So, what do you think, is it a good idea to try to create the modern Beatles? Share your ideas in the comments.


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