Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Might Not Have Ended Up Together, But We're Happy They Did

Date March 19, 2018

Many consider Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds a perfect couple. They attend premieres together, gush about each other in interviews, and hilariously interact with each other on social media. The world can’t get enough of their cuteness and closely follow their happy relationship.

The couple met during the filming of Green Lantern (2011), in which they co-starred together. Ryan and Blake didn’t waste any time and got married in 2012. Now, they have two daughters, and couldn’t be happier.

Looking back at all Reynolds’ co-stars, we can’t help but wonder whether he could’ve ended up with someone else. One of those actresses was, suprisingly, Melissa Joan Hart.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda

TV star Melissa Joan Hart and Ryan Reynolds appeared together in a TV movie Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996), based on the television show with the same name. Reynolds played Hart’s love interest and was also extra friendly to her off camera.

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Melissa remembers that Ryan was a very nice guy and they got along very well. They were interested in each other and even shared a goodbye kiss on the last day of filming.

At the time, Hart was dating someone else and wasn’t sure she wanted to leave her boyfriend for Reynolds. She said that Ryan was different at the time, and had funny hair, but Melissa still regrets not giving him a chance.

Happy New Year, everybody! The point is, I used to style my hair with a blowtorch.

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Although Ryan tried to pursue the relationship, Melissa decided to stay with her boyfriend, whom she didn’t end up with after all.

Hart’s loss was definitely Blake Lively’s gain, but we can only imagine how Melissa must feel, picturing what her life would’ve been had she chosen to be with Reynolds.

What’s meant to be, will be

Today, Melissa Joan Hart is happily married and has two children. She tied the knot with her husband, musician Mark Wilkerson, back in 2003. The couple is still together. It’s safe to say, that her love story got a happy ending after all.

A night out in the city became a day out in the the big Apple ????! #HappyValentinesDay to us.???????? We won’t be together again for a week so it’s nice to have some time for us. #nomakeupselfie

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Публикация от Melissa Joan Hart (@melissajoanhart)

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