In His 63, He Looks Better Than Newly-Crowned Hollywood Actors. Is It All About Yoga?

Date March 19, 2018

Today, he's a 63-year-old star, an arrogant man, a successful actor, managing to keep all the balls in the air. He left drug abuse and eating disorder far behind, having turned his reputation around. Back in the 1990's, his authority as an actor was beyond comparison.

But Who's Dennis Quaid Now?

Let's look at the building blocks of Dennis' career.

The Right Stuff (1983) / Ladd Company

For the role of the astronaut Gordon Cooper in The Right Stuff, Dennis Quaid received numerous positive reviews, which established a basis for success in his prospective cinematic career.

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Far From Heaven (2002) / Focus Features

For the role in Far from Heaven, Dennis Quaid got the status of the best supporting actor, having received the New York Film Critics award.

© The Rookie (2002) / 98 MPH Productions

The Rookie movie received largely positive reviews, both from critics and viewers. Quaid's perfect performance proved no one could represent the character of Jim Morris better.

Today, Dennis Quaid looks as good as 15 years ago, preparing himself for the role in a new film.

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Dennis Looks Great. What's His Secret?

Currently, a 63-year-old actor is in New York City, working on the promotion of a new film called I Can Only Imagine. This cinematic story is a Christian drama about the relationship between a son and a father who disappeared 18 years ago. Here's what Dennis says about this movie:

It's an inspirational story of redemption, and how the impossible could be made possible through what I would call divine intervention.

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Dennis gets on with his work, health, and life. He's hardly aged during his 39-year Hollywood career. How does he manage to keep fit even in his 60's? The answer is on the surface: He was actively engaged in sports in his 20s and 30s, so the rest took care of itself independently. Now, the Houston-born star looks better than some young newly-crowned Hollywood actors, and it's very impressive.

Dennis Quaid was a runner approximately 35 years ago, but now he can run no more, as it's too hard for the joints and the knees. Therethrough, the actor turns to cycling, regularly gets into gym, and does the sit-ups. He says it works, and we've got no reason to disbelieve.


Yoga is one more reason for Quaid's perfect shape. He practices it regularly, as not only fitness is his priority, but also health.


Love Is One More Reason For Quaid's Success

Dennis is dating a 32 years younger model Santa Auzina, with whom he fell in love shortly after the divorce with his ex-wife. The couple seems to be very happy together, even though their relationship story lasts approximately 20 months.


Публикация от Santa Auzina (@santaauzina)

The couple celebrated their 1-year anniversary together, exploring the snow-capped mountains, local shops, and breathtaking views of wild places. On her Instagram page, Auzina posted many heart-melting stories telling about their first anniversary with her 'soulmate'.

Not long ago, Santa Auzina and Dennis Quaid surfed together in Hawaii.

Surf gang

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So, Dennis looks perfectly good, even if he's over 60. His recipe to keeping fit is all about loving what you do and being loved - just as simple, as that.

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