Mick Jagger's Unconventional Love Life: The Singer Became A Dad For The Eighth Time At 73 Years Old

Date March 6, 2018

Seventy-four-year-old Rolling Stones leading man, Mick Jagger, and his girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, a professional ballerina who is 44 years younger than he is, welcomed a baby boy in December 2016, who became the eighth addition to the Jagger’s family.

The singer has had a long and complicated dating history – his eight beautiful children have five different mothers. While it was Hamrick’s first child, Jagger has years of experience of being a parent under his belt. The British rock star also has five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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Here’s Jagger’s most memorable women and his eight children:

The women

1. Marsha Hunt


The American actress met Mick in 1969 and the two had an affair that led to the birth of Hunt’s only child, Karis Jagger.

2. Bianca Jagger

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Bianca and Mick met at a Rolling Stones afterparty in 1970. After dating for just six months, they got married. Bianca was four-months pregnant with their daughter Jade at that time. The couple divorced due to Jagger’s affair with American model Jerry Hall.

3. Jerry Hall

Jagger met the mother of his four children in 1977. They got married in 1990 but after nine years Jerry tried to divorce the singer because of countless rumors of his infidelity.

4. Luciana Gimenez

Brazilian model and the rock star met in late 90’s when Jagger was still married to Jerry. Luciana became pregnant and gave birth to their son, Lucas Maurice, in 1999. That made Jerry end the relationship with the singer.

5. Melanie Hamrick

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Then, 29-year-old ballerina, Melanie, and Mick met at a Rolling Stones gig in early 2014. They started as friends but then their relationship made a romantic turn. Their first child was born in December 2016 despite the fact that the couple has never lived together and is still casually dating.

The children

1. 47-years-old volunteer and philanthropist, Karis Hunt Jagger


2. 46-year-old jewelry designer, Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger

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3. 34-years-old model and actress, Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Scarlett Jagger

4. 32-year-old musician and actor, James Leroy Augustin Jagger

5. 26-year-old model, Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger

6. 20-year-old model, Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger

7. 19-year-old student, Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger

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8. 1-year-old baby, Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger

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A cute photograph of Mick's eighth child appeared on Melanie Hamrick‘s Instagram account in December 2017.


The Rolling Stones are still touring. They have extended their "No Filter" tour with 11 new dates in cities across Europe.

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