Milo Gibson Is Following In His Father's Footsteps With Success

Date December 13, 2018

What it feels like, when your child is following in your footsteps? Is it every father's dream? Milo Gibson decided to become an actor like his father, Mel Gibson.

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Mel Gibson's legacy

Mel Gibson became an iconic movie star in the 90’s. From that time, it’s all about directing films, not acting in them. And you know what? This decision was pretty successful! Braveheart (1995) brought him 2  Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director. Mel also got nominated for Best Director for Hacksaw Ridge (2016).











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Milo Gibson - a movie star

Mel Gibson has always been focused on his career. However, with all the time spent on movies, he managed to become a father of 9. We can imagine it is almost impossible to be close to all of them. Milo Gibson is the 6th child and the closest one to his father.

Milo was born in 1990 and now he is all grown up. He looks exactly like his father back in the days. Moreover, Milo is now trying out his acting skill, playing in the dad’s movie Hacksaw Ridge (2016).











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Mel Gibson, however, claimed that his son did not get any special treatment and he got treated like every other actor. Milo says that it always was at the back of his mind to become a movie star. It turns out pretty good for Milo, as he got his first major role in a movie Gangster Land (2017) as legendary Al Capone. We hope that Milo blasts the movie and his career becomes even more successful.

Milo Gibson talks about the start of his acting career.

Father of nine

A year ago, Mel Gibson became a father for the ninth time. The actor and his girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, named the child Lars Gerard Gibson. Isn’t it a perfect name for a future movie star? Will the child look more like his father or gorgeous Rosalind? Anyways, Gibson is thrilled to be a dad once again, but jokes that he is “too old for this”.

Milo Gibson Is Following In His Father's Footsteps With Successgettyimage

It would be great to see more Mel's children play in movies. We are sure that they would become successful not only because of their father's blood but because of their talents as well.

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