Incredible Transformation: Jayne Hardman Received A Stunning Prosthetic Nose After Suffering From An Autoimmune Disease

Date April 20, 2018 09:08

Jayne Hardman received the most valuable present anybody had ever had. Davina McCall and This Time Next Year TV series made the 48-year-old woman a new nose. Regardless of how weird it may sound, the touching story of the mother who couldn’t smell for more than five years is worth hearing.

This Time Next Year / YouTube

Nose loss

Dramatic events of 2012 became a life-changing day for Jayne when Hardman’s dog knocked her down and bumped its muzzle into the woman’s face.

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As a result, Jayne was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that caused her nose fall into her head. The further examinations showed that the woman had a type of vasculitis, which mainly affected her upper airways and lungs. The life seemed to be ruined with the spoiled face.

Incredible solution

Luckily, the world has a few warm hearts that are ready to provide their help for the sake of others. Davina McCall and This Time Next Year TV series decided to help the suffering woman. In spring 2017, Jayne came to the program and described her sorrowful story:

Over the period of a couple of years, it went to being swollen and on, to completely flat.

This Time Next Year / YouTube

A year after, she transformed completely. Not only does she have a new magnetically-attached nose now, but her self-confidence and determination are on the entirely new level too:

I think I prefer my new nose to my original. It was quite large, and I used to get called Concord at school.

This Time Next Year / YouTube

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Jayne also shared her everyday routine with the prosthetic nose. She can actually smell now. Moreover, she sneezes as all the people do. The only difference is that every morning she takes off her nose to rinse it due to inability to blow it out.

Autoimmune problem

The autoimmune disease is an unfortunate diagnosis. It arises from the abnormal response of immune system to the healthy body parts. Despite the tendency began in the early 1900s, the exact causes are still unknown.

Jayne went through a long and challenging path. However, she wouldn’t have succeeded without the support of her relatives: sons Todd, 22, Roman, 14, and a loving husband Martin. Constant jokes about the nose problem helped the family stay cheerful even in such grief.

This Time Next Year / YouTube

We hope Jayne will start her life from scratch and keep up with those six years she missed due to the unfortunate condition.

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