Two-Minute Life Hack Will Make Your Butter Soft, Tender, And Ready To Be Placed On The Toasts

Date April 24, 2018 11:23

Soft butter is no longer a miracle. The simplest life hack will help you forget about the difficulties of trying to cut the frozen butter. Everything you will need is a glass of warm water.


Knife preparation

Have you ever thought why the knife refuses to slice the butter properly? It constantly slips off without letting you make the proper piece.

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If you thought that this is because of cold butter, there is something else you should know about. Your knife is actually two-sided.

Bear Workman / YouTube

The trick is that one of them can make straight cuts, while the other one is designed so that it always slips off when the butter is cold. Take a closer look at your knife and start making slices correctly.

Bear Workman / YouTube

Two-minute trick

Apart from that, cold butter may sometimes be a problem for a quick breakfast. Your fridge works so well that instead of a soft bar of tender substance you get a frozen block, stronger than your hammer.

margouillat photo /

Well, there is no need to be nervous early in the morning. Rather than struggling with the hard butter, it is possible to make it soft within two minutes. Take a high glass and pour some hot water inside. Give it one minute to warm the cup, and get rid of the water. Then, get the bar out of the fridge and cover it with the warm glass for a minute.

Easiest of the life hacks

As a result, you have a soft plate of butter ready to be placed on your favorite toasts.

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What about your ways of making the butter soft? Do you have any alternative ways? If you enjoyed our life-hack, make sure to share it with your friends to ease their mornings as well.

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