Andy Garcia Prefers His Family To Hollywood, And That Is Why He Is A Happy Father And Husband

Date April 24, 2018 08:50

Andy Garcia is one of the most successful Cuban actors ever to hit Hollywood. But he is far more successful as a family person, having a happy 36-year long marriage and four beautiful and healthy children.

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The actor

Andy started his acting career with a blast. In 1987, he starred alongside famous Kevin Costner in The Untouchables and followed up with an Oscar-nominated role in The Godfather Part III with co-star Al Pacino. However, it is surprising to know that an A-tier actor turned down hundreds of parts that could’ve brought him an Academy Award just to stay close to his family.

I’ve turned down parts where people have won Academy Awards. And most of the time, I turned them down because I didn’t want to spend time away from the family.

The family man

And indeed, Andy has been strong support for his family. In his latest movie Geostorm, he played together with his 29-year-old daughter Daniella. And throughout his acting career, all of his four children have starred alongside their father.

I got my selfie arm from my dad ????????

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Although the Cuban actor is extremely private, he occasionally makes appearances with his whole family on different kinds of events.

The father

Andy Garcia has a great parenting style. He discussed with Conan O’Brien what it's like to be a father. The actor shared funny advice with us on how to deal with teenage daughters. And the advice is pretty simple and effective: “Be sure to answer the door.” So when the guy comes to your daughter, you should open the door and ask with an intimidating face: “Can I help you?

It is great to know that such happy and strong families do exist in Hollywood. The biggest reason for Andy’s successful career as a family person is his priorities. We wish him health and look forward to seeing him in new films.

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