Andy Garcia Has Never Been Seen Naked In Movies. Why?

Date April 23, 2018

Hollywood stars always look so perfect, and we know so much about their lives. However, some of the most delicious stories are to be served after the main dish. This one is about the one and only Mr. Andy Garcia. Did you know the Cuban actor was born as a conjoined twin?


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Never been naked

Have you ever seen him naked in any of his movies? Andy Garcia was nominated for the Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Golden Globe Award, but never took his shirt off on screen. He has a beautiful wife who he married in 1982, and the couple has 4 healthy children.


The Godfather Part III star shared a story of the only time he could have been caught naked in movies. It was one of the deleted scenes in Jennifer 8, where Andy Garcia’s character would have an all-night alcoholic binge because of the loss of his partner. This scene would go right before the interrogation by the John Malkovich's character. Andy’s character would stand naked with his pants down, in emotional shambles before the arrest.


Conjoined twin

And even during that deleted scene in Jennifer 8, Andy had his shirt on. So what’s the deal with this reluctance of him to show his body on camera? We think it might be because of his childhood. Andy was born with an undeveloped conjoined twin the size of a softball attached to his shoulder.


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Although the actor doesn’t have any memory of it because it was surgically removed, his mother used to tell him the story of the sibling Andy could have had. Perhaps, Andy has a big scar on his shoulder, who knows.


There weren’t many people who knew about Andy’s peculiar past:

Celebs who lost their twin siblings

Did you know that these celebrities were actually twins, but lost their siblings at birth?

Elvis Presley


The King’s brother, Jesse Garon Presley, was stillborn.

Jim Broadbent


The actor’s twin sister died at birth.

Jay Kay


David, the twin brother of Jamiroquai singer, died a few weeks after they were born.

Ed Sullivan


Ed Sullivan actually had a twin brother, Daniel, who died a few months after the two arrived.

There’s so much hidden from our eyes. And it is probably a good thing. Even celebrities need a bit of privacy.

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