Emily Blunt Used To Stutter In Her Childhood, But Her Teacher Helped Her Overcome The Issue

Date April 20, 2018 13:21

There’s a lot of misconceptions around stuttering these days. A few people understand the problem behind it. Surprisingly, it’s not just children’s thing, as many people transitioned into adults while still having this issue. You wouldn’t believe, but Emily Blunt did suffer from stuttering.


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Emily was bullied at school

Emily Blunt is now a successful actress, a Golden Globe winner. She also has been nominated for BAFTA two times. But 20 years ago, she couldn’t even dream of an actress career, as she had one very tricky problem. According to her, she was even bullied at school and didn’t have many friends.


However, Emily was lucky to have one truly brilliant teacher who saw the girl’s talent despite the speech issues. He saw how Emily did funny voices and impersonated other people and asked her to take part in a school play. That must’ve been shocking and terrifying for Emily, but she made it and spoke fluently using different voices. The teacher gifted her understanding that the problem can be fixed.


American Institute of Stuttering

The problem still occurs for Emily from time to time. The actress comments:

It still comes back and flares if I’m really tired, or when I was pregnant it was really prominent again. It runs in my family. I had an uncle, cousin, grandfather who stuttered. It’s nothing to do with anxiety. It’s just a kind of brain-synapse thing that happens to people who are genetically predisposed to have it.

Emily is now collaborating with American Institute for Stuttering to help other people suffering from the issue. The organization offers revolutionary kind of treatment. Moreover, it provides a community for the people, which is sometimes far more important.

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How to stop stuttering?

Here are some recommendations on how to stop stuttering if it happens to you from time to time:

1. Try to relax mentally and physically.

If you have time, a 20-minute meditation is the perfect way of relaxation. Try to talk to yourself and explain that stuttering is annoying, but not the end of the world, and it is absolutely not as much of an issue for the others. The problem is much smaller than you imagine it to be.

2. Talk to the mirror.

Imagine that the reflection is somebody else and just talk to them about anything. Surely, it is not the real communication with people, but it can give you specific patterns which you can use later. It helps with your confidence.

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3. Read books out loud.

Basically, the more you talk – the better. Books are a great tool for that simply because the text is already written, so you don’t have to make it up. Furthermore, it can be emotional, so don’t be shy and try to express emotions using your voice.

4. Practice singing.

Singing is one of the best ways to not only help you with your stutter but also learn how to express yourself. Moreover, you will know how to breathe properly.


5. Never give up.

It may sound silly or cliché, but it is the most important advice you can find. If you sincerely want something – get it, solve it, or work for it!

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