Celebrities' Christmas Traditions: Amy Grant About What Really Matters

Date December 21, 2017

The holiday season is here. It’s getting cozier and warmer in every house because all people are diving into Christmas atmosphere and prepare for the holidays. Every family has its own traditions of celebrating Christmas, some of them are similar, while others are pretty unique.

We have gathered some interesting facts about how celebrities spend this time of the year.

Recently Christian singer Amy Grant opened up about some difficulties that her family faced in past 2 years. Two of her four children – daughters Millie and Sarah - were hospitalized. Sarah got into a car accident, and Millie donated a kidney to her best friend. And Amy shares that it made them appreciate everyone and their family much more. They’ve learned to treasure every moment and realized that all the Christmas gifts are nothing in comparison to the real gift of having each other. Grant said:

It just made us see each other in a different light, it made us more appreciative for every day.

She says their family Christmas traditions are pretty simple, but they really enjoy them. Amy, her husband, and children take cute photos in pajamas, eat something simple for breakfast, and have a nice cup of coffee before they start opening the presents. All this creates an amazing sweet spirit of Christmas in their home.

As for other celebrities, they also love spending time with their loved ones during this season.

For example, Gwyneth Paltrow tells that she adores cooking; thus, usually, she is busy creating yummy goodies for her family.


Gwen Stefani posted a short video on Twitter demonstrating one of her holiday traditions. She covers the doorway that leads to presents with wrapping paper, and the kids should break through.

Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard love to wear matching outfits before Christmas. What’s more, they also involved their children in this fun game.


Do you have your own traditions? Please share them with us.

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