People Sharing The Best Photos Of Their Ashamed Pets

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December 7, 2018 17:48 By Fabiosa

We love them oh so much! We forgive them everything: messes in our apartments, stealing food or some smelly pieces of cloth, breaking or scratching furniture… Yes, we’re talking about our lovely and dear, sometimes uncontrollable and wild, pets!

"Please, no photos! I'm so ashamed..."

People are sharing photos of their ashamed pets, #shamingpets, and some of them should definitely have a part in a Hollywood movie because of their human-like acting skills:












Публикация от W Hagen (@w1ll1am.h)














Публикация от Marcela Guadarrama (@vaca.babosa)



Why did he eat those scissors, though? That is the real question!












Публикация от Meg Johnson (@mjequinelaw)



"I eat crayons and poop rainbows":



Meh… Well, that’s not a big deal, just 15 minutes… oh wait. 15 HOURS!












Публикация от Tiki ???? (@tiki_tiki_cat)



Sorry, not sorry!














Публикация от Tony Knight (@tonydogzknight)



OMG! There is no chili! Mysterious disappearance:












Публикация от Shea Finn (@sheamusfinnegan)



He looks so proud of himself!











Публикация от noodle the dog (@woofwoof.noodle)



Don’t judge me, Human!












Публикация от Gus Von Wigglesworth (@grumpy_gusser)














Публикация от Susie <3 (@susieking011)



He looks either surprised or scared?












Публикация от Frida (@frida_egarashepherd)



Well, that is a bit creepy:












Публикация от Aksa???????????????????????????? (@aksaaaaaaaa)





Sudden realization of the upcoming inevitable horror:



True friends for life!

They may seem silly or foolish, look just like adorable puppets, but sometimes, they understand us even better than we do. Sometimes, only pets can give us the unconditional love and happiness we all are looking for. Sometimes, we learn something new thanks to them. They definitely are our best friends! However, recent researches showed that dogs do not feel "shame," they just react accordingly to the owner's demands.


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