Copperfield's Trademark Trick Is Uncovered In Court While The Injured British Sued The Illusionist For Unexpected Disappearance


April 25, 2018 16:10 By Fabiosa

What could be worse for an illusionist than revealing the secrets of the most popular tricks? David Copperfield has been recently forced to do this because the star was sued for being a reason of physical damage during one of his most recognized magic tricks.


Sued magician

The famous American magician, illusionist, and hypnotist David Copperfield is going through hard times. The master of optical illusions was sued, by his former British fan that was seriously injured after he was elected as a participant in the group trick.


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During the court trial Gavin Cox claimed that five years ago, when he attended a Copperfield concert in Las Vegas, he fell and seriously injured himself during the performance.


During the transition to a secret passage, he stumbled and fell. As a result, according to the unfortunate tourist, doctors diagnosed a minor brain injury and shoulder dislocation. Cox also stated he was forced to spend more than $400,000 for treatment.


Trick uncovered

In order to protect the famous illusionist’s name, Copperfield’s executive director Chris Kenner was forced to describe in detail how people disappeared during the Lucky #13 trick. It is worth noting that this trick has been the hallmark of David’s shows for many years.


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As Chris Kenner said the trick’s hidden side covers the specially trained people direct the participants along deeply dark passages straight to the establishment kitchen. The shocked participants go out to the street and again enter the entertainment complex to take their places in the hall at the show’s very end.

Challenging occupation

Illusionist is a dangerous profession that may catch anybody by surprise with its unexpected turns. Copperfield didn’t lose much except of the part of his reputation. His colleague, amazing illusionist Sigmund Neuberger, better known as The Great Lafayette was less lucky.


His stunning performance made him millions, and his popularity knew no bounds. Unfortunately, the disastrous fire on May 9th wasn’t a trick and the world lost one of the most talented illusionists in history.


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