Love On The Boston Marathon: Devoted Girlfriend Pushed Her Boyfriend In A Wheelchair 26 Miles Along

Date April 19, 2018

The story of a young woman Kaitlyn Kiely and her boyfriend, Matt Wetherbee, shows that love still exists in this world. At the Boston marathon, Kaitlyn managed to push Matt 26 miles along in a wheelchair.

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Just several days before turning 29, Matt suffered a significant spinal cord injury and remained paralyzed below the chest.

He has already went through a significant amount of physical and occupational therapy, but he is still in a wheelchair. All Matt’s friends and relatives hope he will be able to recover fully one day.

On April 9, Kaitlyn ran 26.2 miles in Boston, pushing Matt in his wheelchair the whole time.

That’s how Kaitlyn described her motivation to participate in the marathon:

It’s more than just a race for us. It’s our way of telling life, ‘Go ahead…take your best shot’. If life is going to punch us where it hurts, this is our counter-punch. If there is something we want to do, we’re going to run the marathon, … regardless of qualifications.

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Kaitlyn proved the whole world that if you love somebody, you can do anything for this person. With such a great support, Matt can achieve everything, and we hope he will recover soon.

The Boston marathon was held in the pouring rain. Japanese came in first place in the men's elite division, the first time since 1987. Among women – American, the first time since 1985.

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