Will Smith Proves To His Fans That He Can Sing 'La Bamba' In Spanish

Date February 14, 2018

Will Smith is a man of many talents. He is a big screen superstar. He ruled television on the hit sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And he is still respected as one of the most creative rappers around.

But recently, he came under fire from fans after releasing this video. Will was holidaying in the Cayman Islands and attempted to sing “La Bamba”, while a band of school children played kettle drums and other instruments.

Will made a show of playing the kettledrums himself, while he wailed vague words that didn’t sound a lot like the original song.

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Will responds

Then, he posted another video. This time, he was in a car, and he took the video himself. First, he read out his caption in Spanish. Next, he sang “La Bamba” in Spanish, word for word.

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He’s a super cool dad, and he can dance too

Jaden Smith’s music hit 100,000,000 streams on Spotify. And Dad Will took time out to congratulate his son is his own special way. The TV star recorded a parody of Jaden’s “Icon” video and shared it on his Instagram.

Will worked hard on getting the little details right. He even pulled off a few of the same dance moves that Jaden showed off, plus a little moonwalking in the mix to spice things up.

It was all for fun, and Jaden didn’t mind his father trolling him on social media. As for the fans, they had a pretty good laugh.

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Will Smith