Digby The Royal Pooch Gives Prince Charles A Run For His Money

Date February 13, 2018 12:13

The Royal Television Society recently celebrated their 90th anniversary. As part of the celebration, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla paid a visit to ITV. The Royal couple appeared on This Morning with presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

And they didn’t come alone. Accompanying the Royals was Digby, their pooch.

Digby came along for the show. But he had other ideas. Just before recording began, the dog grabbed a mic and started running around the studio.

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It was pretty amusing to watch. While Prince Charles tried giving the playful pooch instructions, Digby had his own ideas. Finally, Digby listened to the now red-faced Prince Charles and handed the mic over.

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He likes a soft toy,” said Digby’s handler after the microphone was retrieved.

Digby is no stranger to the red carpet

Digby is no stranger to the red carpet. He made an appearance on the red carpet of the National Television Awards. Here he posed for a photo with some of the attendees.

He may not have worn a tuxedo or shiny shoes, but he sure had people taking second looks.

The Royal family are huge dog lovers

Prince Charles is not the only dog lover in the family. For decades, members of the Royal family have owned dogs. Here are some of the most popular.

Queen Elizabeth II

Here Queen Elizabeth II pictured in 1974 with her three corgis.

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Queen Elizabeth I

The Queen Mother also had a pet corgi. This picture of her and Queen Elizabeth II was taken on the Queen Mother’s 83rd birthday.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton have a cocker spaniel named Lupo and a golden retriever named Tilly.

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Duchess Camilla

The Royal family is also big on charity work, including those that cater to dogs. Here Duchess Camilla cuddles a dog called Klingy Leung at a hospital after it received a blood donation.

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More from the studio meet

This Morning is celebrating 30 years on television. Host Phillip Schofield had this to say of the Royals visiting:

It’s been wonderful to welcome Their Royal Highnesses to This Morning. It’s an exciting year for us here, and it’s lovely to share with them some of our highlights.

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It was not all talk on the This Morning. Duchess Camilla also got a taste of some of the food in the cooking segment. The spread was put together by chef Phil Vickery and consisted of mutton and parsnips.

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