JFK Affairs: What Jackie Knew And How The Couple Survived The Storm

Date January 2, 2018

John and Jacqueline Kennedy are still one of the most popular couples to ever stay in the White House. They met in 1952, and after a short affair, they got married in September of 1953. Together they made a fabulous picture, namely the handsome ex-senator and ever-smiling lady.

But their relationship after the wedding was mired in controversy. John Kennedy was recorded to have been involved in several affairs. These are some of the most notable.

Judith Exner

Her father was a wealthy architect, and she worked for JFK as a go-between for the mob boss, Sam Giacana. There were claims that she got pregnant for John but aborted the pregnancy.

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Marilyn Monroe

She was the Hollywood starlet who caught the president’s eye. There have been rumors about this affair following the infamous May 1962 “Happy Birthday”, but so far, no confirmation has been made.


Mimi Alford

Mimi was an intern at the White House, the same year Marilyn did her much talked about birthday performance for JFK. Her tell-all book Once Upon a Secret: My Affair With John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath revealed an 18-month relationship with the president.


Mary Pinchot Meyer

Her brother was Washington Post editor, Ben Bradlee. She is said to have received regular correspondence from the president in handwriting.

Jill Cowan was also identified as having been in an affair with John although she never spoke publicly about it.

Jacqueline knew about the affairs

Various sources reveal that the wife of the president was indeed aware that John was having affairs. It was not odd however that she did not make a public scene about them. Once, while speaking to reporters, she specifically mentioned Priscilla Wear (yet another lady associated with JFK) saying, ‘This is the girl who supposedly is sleeping with my husband’.

As it seems, both John and Jaqueline had an understanding that ensured their family life was unbothered by his affairs.

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Speaking on the subject, author Pamela Keogh suggests that Jackie’s father, John Bouvier, was known to have an inclination for infidelity. She further adds that Jackie may have grown to accept this as normal behavior for men. He says.

She came from a world where that is what men did, and it was accepted.

Still, it was obvious that John and Jaqueline loved each other dearly. In all intents, they were a happy family. Despite the troubles with extra-marital affairs, they still held on close. A close family friend speaking to PEOPLE revealed.

At the end of the day, Jack came back to Jackie — and that was it. They loved each other.

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