Video That Might Help Create Dazzling Decorations For Christmas Cookies


December 29, 2017 11:49 By Fabiosa

Cookies are one major feature at Christmas. They come in different shapes, flavors and sizes. Whether you bake them in your little home oven or you buy them at a store, these delectable treats are a must-have.

Blogger @my_little_bakery_2016 shared these colorful photos on Instagram. They show different Christmas cookies, exquisitely designed in festive colors. They look so good, you could almost reach into the photos and grab a few.

The pretty bird in blue sits on a branch before a blanket of white frosting that must be snow.

You will need a steady hand for this level of detail. And the blue bows are just cute. Is that a fawn? Aaaaaaw.

Snowflakes, rabbits, hearts and rocking horses. Delightful!

This video is in double-time but the beautiful all the same. Would be a shame to eat the bird though.

She also shared a video on YouTube, showing how to design and decorate Christmas cookies. It’s a lot of piping, countless swirls, and impeccable craftsmanship. So, what are you waiting for? Spring out the baking pans. And in case you don’t have any, there is a chance your local store may still be open.

Had enough? Don’t hold your breath. There’s even more. And try not to salivate too much.

Plaid on parade. Is that tiny clock a cookie too?

Hmm. Icing covered Christmas tree cookie. Where to begin…

Finally, three hearts in a lovely row. And does it seem like someone is missing a button?

Have fun and enjoy your delicious cookie-filled Christmas.

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