Drew Barrymore Goes Back To The 80s In This Retro Inspired Shoot

Date December 29, 2017

Drew Barrymore turned 42 this year, and she still looks pretty spectacular. She shared a series of photos on her Instagram to celebrate and marveled at how little she has changed over the years.

These memories make me so happy. And I am happy that I haven’t aged like an old leather bag. Have not touched my face ever! People have said I have here and there, funny enough. But I haven’t. I’ve just lived the exact life I wanted. Some messy. Some valiant. But this is just me. Plain old me over a span of almost 40 years!

The shots were part of a preview from the recently concluded session for InStyle Magazine. Drew Barrymore will be featured in the February 2018 edition. The inspiration for the shoot was gotten from Drew’s pictures from the 80s.

Growing up in the spotlight

Drew was already famous by the time she was 11 months old. She was auditioned for a food commercial that also featured a puppy. Drew got the part and has steamed on since then. In 1982, she played Gertie in the Steven Spielberg directed E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

But it has not always been smooth sailing for Drew. Her parents got divorced in 1984 when she was only 9 years old and never forged a real relationship with him. By the time she was 13, she had picked up a drug habit. 14 saw her in rehab twice, the second time for attempted suicide.

With the love and attention from family and friends, she was able to get her career on track.

Somewhere in the shadows, lurks another version of you.

© Doppelganger (1993) / Incorporated Television Company (ITC) 

One of her most famous roles is as Holly Gooding in Doppleganger (1993). Haunted by accusations of complicity in a murder, Holly flees to LA. She rents a room owned by a writer and soon starts a relationship.

In a macabre twist, Holly cannot seem to shake off the presence of her evil alter ego who is suggested to be responsible for the murder. A series of uncanny events casts doubts in the mind of her new boyfriend as to who he is dealing with.

It's back to high school for Drew.

© Never Been Kissed (1999) / Fox 2000 Pictures

She also starred in Never Been Kissed (1999). Drew is Josie Gellar (25), a copy editor with the Chicago Sun Times, is desperate to get upgraded to a reporter. Josie is assigned a delicate task. To infiltrate a high school, with a little help from her brother Rob (David Arquette), she powers through.

Drew takes acting very seriously. She confessed during the shoot to InStyle:

From a young age I was overly passionate and thought everything lived and died in a professional atmosphere because, back then, it was really all I had. I didn’t have a family. I’ve been working as long as I can remember.

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