Tutorial On How To Grow A Pine Tree From Seeds At Home

Date December 6, 2017 14:32

Growing a tree may become a fascinating hobby for anybody. There are many methods used, including using seeds or cuttings, grafting, and budding.

With Christmas coming up soon, we all wish to have a beautiful tree at home. What if we tell you that it is possible to grow it from seeds? Of course, the tree will not be ready for 2017 celebration, but it will be available for future holidays. Besides, watching how a small plant grows and becomes stronger and bigger is really interesting.

Many people would think that sticking a pine cone into the ground will be enough. Actually, cones are not the seeds. They are just a strong cover inside of which the seeds are hidden. There are male cones meant for pollinating, but you'll hardly notice them. The female cones, which are the majority on trees, contain two seeds in each scale.

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Pull the seeds out

The ripened cones open up and expose their seeds. Don't take the fallen cones from the ground—the seeds in them are not suitable. Take the ones that are still on the tree. Initially, a cone should be closed. To open it up, put it into an oven for about 20 minutes. Then, you can shake the seeds out of there. All of them have light seed wings, so it will be easy to get them. This video will show you how to do it.


After that, you have to prepare them for planting. First of all, stratify the seeds. This will help them germinate. To do this, you have to place them into moist sand, put them all into a plastic bag, and refrigerate for about a month. When they start germinating, place them into pots with soil as you would do with regular plants. Make sure that the bottom is warm. In time, when the seedling is about two inches tall, you can relocate it into larger pots, preferably in spring.

Voila! The tree will grow slowly but steadily. In a few years, the tree will be ready for decorating.

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