Mila Kunis From "Bad Mom" Wants Her Daughter To Learn The Value Of Hard Work

Date December 18, 2017

Mila Kunis, a famous Hollywood “bad mom” raises her children to be good people. The upcoming sequel to her latest movie Bad Mom will show that you cannot be ideal, you just have to be good.


The actress raises two kids with her husband Ashton Kutcher; their small son Dimitri and daughter Wyatt.

The woman once shared a story of her childhood and the fact she hadn't even celebrated Christmas. Now, having kids of her own, she is determined to build good traditions together. In addition, she is constantly balancing between her work and parenting.

Despite the busy schedule of the couple, Mila always plans some activities to spend more time with her kids. Children are her priority. No matter how tired she gets, they have to be happy.

Mila's idea of parenting is raising good kids. Neither she nor Ashton Kutcher spoil the kids with tons of presents. A child should appreciate gifts and receive only one that is more valuable. The young family celebrates all imaginable holidays but keeps the kids in check.


The ideal day for the actress's family begins at 7 a.m. While the kids watch cartoons, parents make breakfast. Then, the family heads to a zoo or aquarium, or other kid-friendly destinations.

Mila admits that being with kids is actually a lot of work. But the actress seems to be doing everything right.


There is one thing that the star wants to share with her daughter the most. She wants Wyatt to learn the value of hard work. She wants to pass on the values that she believes in. Kunis explains that, to her, hard work includes creating more movies by and for women just like her recent projects Bad Mom and The Spy Who Dumped Me.

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Mila Kunis