Upside-Down Christmas Trees: A New Holiday Trend


The new Christmas trend of 2017 is upside-down trees. Defying gravity, festive pines hang from the ceilings shocking passers-by. More and more pictures of these strange constructions appear on social media.

People got bored of the traditional trees a long time ago. Last year, Montreal set up a lopsided spindly tree that became the main tourist destination in 2016. The year was full of insanely tall trees poking through the roof.

In 2017, a Christmas tree doesn't have to be tall or lopsided, it has to be set up on the ceiling.

Considering the size of the tree, the idea has its benefits. The ceiling is always free and has plenty of room for the large bottom part of the tree. There is more room on the floor for presents.

Besides, it's a great way to put the ornaments out of reach of pets and children.

However, if you have children at home, such a construction may be dangerous. You'll have to constantly watch the kids and make them stay away.

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What is the magic behind these trees? How do they hold on?

This beautifully decorated tree hangs in a Texas bar. The atmosphere is cozy and Christmasy. The upside-down tree suits the décor perfectly.

This tree was set up in the Claridge Hotel located in London. The visitors are free to take awesome Christmas pictures near this strange but beautiful tree.

People are actively selling upside-down trees on Amazon. The price, of course, isn't small; trendy things cannot be cheap.

Once again, defying gravity, this evergreen tree hangs from the ceiling saving the place for children and presents. The happy smiles on their faces are worth all the trouble of setting it up.

Those people who watch Stranger Things know that the Upside Down tree is special. It may be full of magic or lead to the parallel world.

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Another hotel to make this Christmas unique is Hotel del Coronado situated in San Diego. The tree is not only beautifully decorated with lights and ornaments, there are many luring gifts under it as well.

Some people say that these upside-down trees are a great idea and are very artistic. Others are more conservative and think it is completely disrespectful. Either way, the trend is raging.

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