Princess Victoria Shares Private Family Moments In A New Christmas Video

Date December 20, 2017 10:44

This week can already be called a week of royal festivities and congratulations. Two days ago, Kate Middleton and Prince William greeted everyone with a cute Christmas card, featuring their adorable children, little Charlotte and George.

On Tuesday, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla also shared their new holiday card, wishing everyone Merry Christmas. And now it is time for the members of the Swedish royal family to enjoy the season.

Playing in the snow.

Although they are monarchs and leaders of their country, they are taking full advantage of the snow season. Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel took their kids out to spend some time together playing in the snow at Haga Palace. In such a relaxed set-up, the family took photos and videos that were later shared on their social media accounts.

We can see that they really know how to have fun! Royal parents, together with Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, were making snowballs, goofing around, and sliding down a hill on sleds. They accompanied the post with Merry Christmas wishes and received hundreds of pleasant words in return.

Relaxing at home.

In a bit longer video on their YouTube account, the royal family members can be seen decorating their tree together and warming up in front of the fireplace. At the same time, Princess Estelle is, without doubts, a star of this video, arranging biscuits to treat her parents as they play with her younger brother.

We really hope the family will have a good time celebrating Christmas and Estelle and Oscar will receive the presents they want. And we are looking forward to their new posts and videos, of course!

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