Colin Farrell Talks About His Son With Special Needs And Gives Parents Of Such Kids A Valuable Advice

Date May 28, 2019 11:35

Colin Farrell understands the struggles of having a child with special needs like nobody else. The star of the movie Alexander openly tells us that his son James suffers from a rare genetic disorder, Angelman syndrome.

Angelman syndrome

It is characterized by a delay in mental development, sleep disorders, seizures, chaotic movements, and frequent laughter. In fact, water helped to make the right diagnosis. Farrell says that his son is obsessed with it. He is not an excellent swimmer, but he likes to be near the water. It turned out that this is one of the symptoms of the condition.

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Life-changing experience

Despite the son’s illness, Colin confesses that he only realized that his child was a little different from everyone else and had developmental problems when he saw James next to his peers. It's hard for him to talk about the problems that they encountered in the early years of James’ life. But he still remembers the joy he experienced when his son took his first steps. Without a doubt, this was one of the most magical days of his life.

The son's illness changed the actor's views on life. He began to notice what had previously been natural for him. Colin admits that having a son with a disease taught him to appreciate every moment.


Active participation

There is no cure yet, but Farrell hopes there’ll be some. The actor is involved in the Angelman community and visits annual summits to get the latest news. This year, he learned that there are different medical opportunities that can help improve the lives of those with the condition.



Farrell gives parents of children with special needs a valuable advice. He says they should reach out and find support to realize that they are not alone. It is also important to remember that every life is valuable. And even when your dream of having a healthy kid didn’t come true, there are still hundreds of milestones to mark.

The actor’s heart and respect are with all who struggle with having a kid with special needs. It’s hard, but with support, everything can be possible.

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